How Does It Cost To Advertise On YouTube Marketing Will It Be Fruitful

How Does It Cost To Advertise On YouTube Marketing Will It Be Fruitful

Google owns YouTube. Google Ad Words is used for YouTube advertising. Like other Google Ad words campaign, you have to bid for ad placement.

As we know, YouTube has a huge following; there are around 1.5 million logged-in users. The users watch YouTube videos for more than an hour every day on mobile devices. With the rise in smart TVs, there has been a rapid increase in watching YouTube on television.

YouTube marketing agency Vancouver is aware that after Google, the most number of searches are done on YouTube; that’s why a lot of attention is given to YouTube marketing. With the power of Google AdWords, YouTube has become one of the favorite mediums of advertisement around the world.

There is no clear price rate for YouTube advertisements; it is no different from other online advertising when it comes to price.

Why Should You Use YouTube To Market Your Business?

There are numerous benefits to advertising on YouTube. YouTube is used by people of age; therefore, you are bound to hit your target audience on YouTube. YouTube, the second most visited site, gets 400 hours of video uploads every minute.

Let’s discuss why your business needs to advertise on YouTube:

The reach

No matter who your target audience is, they are going to be on YouTube. There are more than 1 billion unique visits on YouTube. Every month visitors spend six billion hours watching YouTube videos. YouTube has a wide reach, which is great for your business.


Through YouTube targeting, you can reach your target audience through precision targeting based on location, viewing devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, interests, etc.


When you are advertising on YouTube, you can establish the start and end date for the campaign. There is no expiration date, and the ads can run forever.

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Through YouTube, you can gain new customers. The increased engagement and shares lead to conversion. 76 percent of users tend to buy a product online after they watch a video related to the product. Revenue of marketers grows 49% faster than the ones that don’t use videos. All this adds to a positive ROI. The algorithm of YouTube aims to help viewers find the right video related to their query, and then keep the users engaged. YouTube provides tools, such as end screens, cards, and playlists, to marketers that help them to engage viewers.


There is no need for a large marketing budget for advertising effectively on YouTube. Flexible pay-per-view (PPV) system allows businesses to set a weekly or monthly budget and can determine the maximum amount a business wants to pay per view (this is known as max cost-per-view).

Great Shareability

There is a great combination of sharing, video access, and community on YouTube, which gives an opportunity for business growth and audience engagement.


YouTube advertising allows you to measure the success of your advertisement campaign. Traditional advertising doesn’t allow you to measure success in terms of the number of audiences reached, number of views, etc. Google AdWords gives you free access to analytics reports. 

The After Effects:

Development of a Connection:

Through video ads, businesses interact with potential customers. By making a creative video advertisement, businesses can convince people to become customers.

Consumer Feedback:

The viewers respond to the video ads in the comment section of YouTube under the video. By taking into account the comments, businesses can get to know what audiences liked and disliked about the advertisement.

Ad Formats to Consider:

There are various ad formats on YouTube; they are mentioned below:

Display Ads:

Display ads appear on the right side of the featured video. These are on the desktop platform, above the video suggestion list.

Overlay Ads: 

Overlay ads are on the lower 20 percent of the video. These ads can be images or text.

Skippable Video Ads:

Skippable video ads are one of the most common ads that are seen on YouTube. These ads start when the viewer clicks on a video he/she wants to watch. They can be placed at the end of the video, as well. After 5 seconds, the viewer has the option to skip the ad. According to the YouTube advertising agency  skippable video ads are the most popular ones.

Non-Skippable Video Ads:

Non-skippable video ads are the ads, which viewers can’t skip. The non-skippable ads run for 15 to 20 seconds.

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Bumper Ads:

Bumper ads are non-skippable video ads, which run for 6 seconds before the start of the main video.

Sponsored Cards:

Sponsored cards are relevant to the video; an example is the products featured in the main video.

YouTube video ads are also called TrueView video ads. Recently YouTube has categorized their ad types into TrueView in-stream ads and TrueView video discovery ads.

The ads that appear as part of the main videos, like skippable, non-skippable, and bumper ads. Examples of Video discovery ads are display and overlay ads, which help people to discover your videos.

Creating Video Ads:

YouTube influencer marketing agency agrees that for businesses, video creation makes the highest proportion of cost in the YouTube advertisement campaign. Businesses want a high level of professionalism in terms of video creation.

Low-quality videos are not liked by the viewers. A low-quality video sends a negative impression of the brand.

It also depends on your brand; some businesses can get away with a low-cost home-made video, while others shave to spend thousands of dollars to match their high-profile image.

One thing that businesses should remember is the creativity in the video; more creative the video, the more it engages viewers.


You can level the cost of YouTube ads by bidding on ad placement. There is not a set price for advertising on YouTube. The business can set a daily budget for YouTube advertising. The majority of businesses set their budget on $10 per day and raise the budget after experimenting with options. The beauty of YouTube advertising is that a business has to pay only when someone engages with the ad in any way.

It is crucial for a business to do the targeting part before setting the bidding options. On YouTube, the bidding suggestions change when you change the targeting. In the majority of cases, businesses bid by Cost Per View (CPV), which means that you, as a business, pay up to your bid figure for every view.

You can set a maximum figure for each day to save yourself from getting a shock when more people watch your advertisement than you had hoped for. More the views, the more you have to pay.

A business can bid a Max Cost Per view, for that you will be given a typical range of bids.

When you click on Customize bids per format, you get the option of splitting the bids separately for “In- stream” and “In-Display.”

YouTube provides a projection of the predicted views per day for in-display, in-stream, and in-search. If these numbers are not as per your expectations, you can go back to bids and make the necessary changes.

Optimization of YouTube Ad Campaigns:

For businesses, the concern should not be the cost of YouTube Ads, but the level of return you get from the cost of YouTube advertising, which means checking the campaigns regularly and making the necessary changes for optimized performance.

One thing that is crucial to optimizing the YouTube ad campaign is a regular reviewing of campaign statistics. The important stats that you should never miss are Click-through Rate and the View Rate of the ads. The stats are important to let you know if your YouTube campaign is a hit or a miss.

If your YouTube as a campaign is not a hit, the main reason could be the videos being not compelling enough. There are many organizations, which don’t pay attention to this point and leave YouTube marketing altogether. The thing is that you should focus on improvements rather than giving it up. Revamp the videos and make compelling content, which appeals to your target audience.

The whole process of YouTube marketing can be overwhelming for businesses that are new to this option. The solution to the problem is hiring a professional firm, which can guide your business into the world of YouTube marketing.

The problem can also be due to lack of exposure; the opposition companies may outbid you for the suitable advertising positions. As a business, you can experiment and bid higher, and then analyze the performance of your ads.


YouTube has a vast reach, and advertising on YouTube is beneficial for your brand. You reach your target audience, and it also helps to build brand credibility. When you choose to advertise on YouTube, make sure to choose the ad format wisely. YouTube marketing services Vancouver can guide you in every aspect of YouTube marketing. You should take advantage of targeting options and select the ones that will help you reach your target audience. Another point to consider is creating compelling content that appeals to the audience, content that is relatable and feels natural as well as native.

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